On ARTproducts, you can order craft(designer) goods made at the factory or by individual craftsmen (artisans). And you can also order the product according to your sketch "Individual order".

  • each seller places and sells their own products independently: they specify their own prices, store rules, and terms of delivery and payment for their products. You buy products from sellers directly;
  • since the sellers are located in different countries and regions, the delivery amount in each particular case depends on the distance and rates of delivery services;
  • only the seller can answer any questions about the product, its properties and features. All details can be clarified in a personal correspondence with the seller after sending the order in the order details, Discussion form, or contact us via the Q & a form before sending the request.
  • · for the sake of mutual security and reliability, making a purchase is only available to registered buyers. Creating an account is a simple and fast procedure.

I have found a product and want to buy it. how do I make a purchase?

1. On the product page refer to possible variants of payment and delivery.
Since different sellers are represented on the platform, the terms may differ. If you still have any questions — you can check all the details in our correspondence.

2. Put the product in the Basket: the BUY button is always next to it.
If there is no such button, then the product is out of stock, in this case you can make an order for the seller to make "order".

3. Go to the shopping Cart to complete your purchase:
a) specify the delivery city;
b) select the delivery method.
If the seller specified the delivery cost, the transaction amount will be calculated automatically in the shopping cart. If the seller has not set a price for sending it, please send them a message and specify the price.

4. Go to the next step and specify the data to send: full name, address, contact phone number.

5. As a final step check your order and confirm the purchase.
Here you can write a comment: some explanations and clarifications about the size, packaging, etc.

6. The seller will receive a notification that a new order immediately. Payment can only be made when the seller confirms that it is possible to complete the order. Its status will change to"Pending payment". Choose a convenient payment method and make the payment.

How do I order an individual order?

On ARTproducts, you can not only buy craftproducts presented in the Catalog, but also order a specific seller to perform an individual project according to your idea.

How do I make an individual order for the seller?

1. Go to the store of the desired seller. To do this, click on its name.

In the store, selectIndividual order .

Describe your requirements for the order, attach a sketch of the project or product, and click ОтправитьSend it .

2. the Seller will receive a notification about your order, and they will prepare their offer for you. In correspondence, you will discuss the details, agree on the price, and agree on all the conditions.

3. the Seller will put your order on display, where they will write out all the details of the order and the agreed delivery terms. After that, the transaction will be formalized officially, which will allow us to protect the interests of the customer in any event. Be sure to wait for the seller to confirm the order, the order status is"Waiting for payment" before making a payment.

4. All information about your order (requests, correspondence with the seller, order status) is always available to you in the Orders section.

How do I cancel an individual order?

While the order has not yet been accepted by the seller (with the status "Accepted"), you can cancel it. Go to the section Orders, select an order and send a message to the seller to cancel the order ("Canceled" status).

What ways of contacting sellers are available on the platform?

You can choose a convenient communication channel: online chat, audio call or videocall , and you do not need to install additional tools. Everything happens through the platform, but only if the seller has these communication channels installed. To find out the available communication channels of the seller, expand the "communication Methods" tab in the product profile.

How are orders handled on the platform?

The customer, having selected the product (or formed a request for manufacturing according to their own design), sends a request to the seller to clarify the details. The seller either accepts the order by converting it to the Ready-to-pay status, or discusses any controversial issues before accepting the order. After approving the order, the customer pays an advance, and the seller puts the order into operation.

After making an order, the seller changes the order status to "pending payment" and then the customer makes the second part of the payment. At the customer's request, the seller can show the readiness of the order before paying for the second part (photo or video demonstration). After accepting the payment, the seller makes a shipment to the customs office or prepares the goods for pickup.

After receiving the product, the customer confirms the compliance of the completed order by switching the order status to "Accepted by the buyer". after that, claims will no longer be considered.

What are the production deadlines for the product?

The manufacturer specifies the production dates individually for their products. If the product is in stock, then specify the time period of 1 day (time for preparing for shipment). This period is indicated in the product profile.

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