If you find a defect or you were sent the wrong product that was ordered, you can return it to the seller and get your money back.

If the order does not arrive, the seller will also refund you the full cost of the product and delivery.

The timing of return

The term of return of the product is specified in the product card and on the seller's page in the "terms of agreement" field. Carefully read the terms of return and exchange of a particular product before ordering it.

How to return an item

Make a request on the site in your personal account, select the order for which you want to return the product and click on "Request a replacement or refund".

Pass the product

Agree with the seller how to return the product or replace it.

Get the money

After returning the item, we will send you the money immediately. As soon as the transfer is approved by the payment systems and Bank, the full amount will be returned to the card that was used to pay for the order.


In the order delivered by courier, there was a damaged item, what should I do?

You have 3 days to check the items in your order. If the product is damaged, broken or does not meet the stated properties, then you can safely return it to the seller by reporting the problem.

Can I cancel a pre-paid order?

Yes, you can cancel an order before it is accepted (for products manufactured on an individual order). For products in stock, you can do so at any time before confirming receipt of the order. The seller will refund you the cost of the order in the same way as you paid for it. The pre-paid delivery cost for the order will also be returned.

Can I return or exchange any purchased item?

You have 3 days to check and return any item if there is something wrong with it. Each seller has its own terms of return and exchange, and may differ depending on the product. Carefully read the terms of return and exchange of a particular product before ordering it.

How long before I get my money back?

We will send money for a refund immediately if:

–The order was canceled.

–You couldn't get your order.

–You refused part of the products or the entire order upon receipt.

Taking into account the functioning of payment systems and issuing banks, the money should arrive to you no later than in one month:

-10 days

-21 days with a guarantee request

Will you also refund the delivery cost?

We will refund the shipping cost if the order was canceled or not delivered, as well as if the product is returned of improper quality.

If my product is broken, where should I contact?

If the product has a warranty period, information about this is included in the product profile and in the warranty card (if any). During the entire warranty period, you can contact the seller, and they will exchange the product for a new one or refund your money.

How do I get my money back?

We will refund the money in the same way that you paid for the product:

–If you pay with a Bank card, we will refund your money to the same Bank card.

–If your card is invalid at the time of making a refund, the money will be returned to the Bank on the account linked to the card.

–If you pay in cash, the seller will refund you the same amount in cash.

–In case of payment with electronic money, we will refund it to your electronic account from which the payment was made.

–When paying with points Artproductsor Artproducts partnerbonusesthe amount of points or bonuses will be returned to your point or bonus account.

Refund for online prepayment:

If an order is pre-paid, money is not debited from your Bank card, but reserved for 24 hours. This is so that you can quickly access your money when you cancel an order.

If you cancel an order or part of it within 24 hours, we will unlock the required amount on your Bank card. Banks often do not send a separate notification about this, so it may seem that the money has not been returned. You can make sure that the money is actually available in the Bank's transaction history. The operation will either disappear or the amount will change.

If you cancel a prepaid order or we refund you for the product after 24 hours from the date of payment, the money has already been debited from your card. Therefore, the refund may take some time on the side of your Bank (usually it takes 2-3 days). Please wait for a notification from the Bank.

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